Provenance and the Truth.

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It has often been asked what proof have you that Mr X is somebody Y.
The truth is you can never be certain many contributors to this site have done extensive work following up documents and checking facts just as we have for 20 odd years.
In the last 2 years using the internet we have found out more than the previous 20 years
Yes! much of it unproven BUT what a lot of leads.
This site does not have provenance as many Genealogy folk would like to see, it does have many leads.
The worst culprits for giving false information are the commercial sites charging mega bucks for some times grossly incorrect information always check back to source particular on Census forms on the ones we checked there was at least 30% error rate.
If you can add to or correct anything on this site please do.
PS this site is not all our own work much of it is folk like you helping us to help you.
For a list of some of the great helpers

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