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Sources of information.

The following are added  in date of first contact not on quantity of data , every tiny scrap of information is useful.

We are particularly grateful to the following for specific help.
The Late A E Merryweather , for his book SOME NOTES ON THE FAMILY OF MERRYWEATHERS OF ENGLAND AND AMERICA. And copies of his notes (Unpublished) until his death.
Mark Merryweather Ph.D. Grandson of A E Merryweather for help in starting this site. And  being so kind, at his own expense in supplying copies of his Grandfathers work.   
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For there phenomenal records.
Janet Faith Penn Nee Bull for the 1881 census information.
Alan Merryweather of the Wiltshire line. for  St Cath's Births, Mar, and Deaths 1837 to 1900. Also copy's of Alan's life's work on the Merry Family. 
Alan is the first to point  out that errors do happen and although he has worked for years on the family history, there may be errors, so please let us know of any you find.
Alan is of the belief that all Merry's are not related, that we cannot disagree, there is as yet no proof ether way ,the best of it is only time will tell.
In the mean time Many thanks to Alan for the vast amount of data he has enabled us to use.
In recognition to Alan's vast input we have adopted his number system if an individual has a number beginning AMxxx then Alan has supplied some or all of that information.
If there is an error in data numbered AMxxx, pleases do not blame Alan it could well be our transcribing.
David Villanueva for the Spanish Vice Consul  and all of the Villanueva line.
John Johnstone from New Zealand for his help on the descendants of  John the Dean of Hereford (1796-1850)
Mark Andrew has been most helpful with The Barret / Myyrtilla Merryweather Line, and has kept us fed with allsorts of  useful information.
Our thanks for the REES Family and descendants of Audley Edward Merewether, from Chris Sheehan of New Zealand or
Out thanks go to (Pamela Mclennan) for sharing her hard work with us.
Guy Benson  from the USA for his helpful input.
David Merryweather from Perth Australia for a excellent picture of his lines coat of Arms, Note how similar to all the others.
Peter Jackson of the Liverpool Line 
If you have only recently contributed you may not be on here yet as we have a vast amount to add, but please do remind us as we like to mention you as soon as you contact us.

If we have missed anyone we are sorry it is a oversight, please let us know, we wish to acknowledge all contributions,  Thank You.

A big thank you to all that have contributed in the last two years( 04-06), and have had to wait ages for the site to be updated, this was due to health reasons , we hope to get on top of it again.

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