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We would like to find the descendants and place of birth of the following.

Liverpool to New York, September 25, 1859
I, James M. Jeffrey Master of the British Steamer Kangaroo do solemnly, sincerely and truly Swear that the following List or Manifest, subscribed by me and now delivered by me to the Collector of the Customs for the Collection District of New York, is a full and perfect list of all the Passengers taken on board the said Steamer at Liverpool from which Port said Steamer has now arrived; and that on said List is truly designated the age, the sex, and the occupation of each of said passengers, the part of the vessel occupied by each during the passage, the country to which each belongs, and also the country of which it is intended by each to become an inhabitant, and that said List or Manifest truly sets forth the number of said Passengers who have died on said voyage, and the names and ages of those who died. Sworn to this Sept. 25th 1859, so help me God (signed) James M. Jeffrey
List or Manifest of All THE PASSENGERS taken on board the British Steamer Kangaroo whereof (unsigned) is Master, from Liverpool burthen 1515 tons.
Columns represent: Names, Age, Sex, Occupation, The country to which they severally belong, The country to which they intend to become inhabitants, Died on the voyage*, Part of the Vessel occupied by each passenger during the voyage.
159 George Merryweather age 32  Male   Mechanic  England   U.S.A.  Main Deck
160 Elizabeth. Merryweather  age  31  Female Wife      England   U.S.A.  Main Deck
161 Any* Merryweather  age 1 Female Infant. England  U.S.A. Main Deck, died on voyage.
162 Edith Merryweather  age  1  Female Infant.     England   U.S.A.  Main Deck

Thanks to   Sharon Pike

Sharon wrote "I searched the US and census and tracked the family through the 1910 census. I think that the son named Walter G. is found in the 1920 census in Spokane, Washington. I can't prove it's him. He doesn't have any children so that's a dead end. Perhaps this information will help others so feel free To post it to your site."

1860 Jackson Co., Virginia    Wise? pg. 649 dwelling 1401 family 1333
Merriwether        Geo. W.        33       M     W        VA [incorrect] farmer
Merriwether        Elizabeth        32       F       W       Wales/Eng
Merriwether        Ann                 2       F       W       Eng
Merriwether        Edith                1       F       W       Eng

1870 Hamilton Cincinnati 17 w.  page 281 dwelling 655
Merrweather George 42 M W England line broker?
Merrweather Ellen 28 F W  ? keeping house
Merrweather Anny 12 F W England at school
Merrweather Edith 11 F W England at school
Merrweather Alfred 9 M W Virginia at school
Merrweather William 6 M W Ohio at school
Merrweather Mary B. 1 F W Ohio at home
Nale? Bridget 22 F W Ireland house servant

1880  Hamilton Avondale Page 338
Merrweather N.G. head M M W 54 tin merchant Eng Eng Eng
Merrweather L. Ellen wife F M W 37 none MA MA MA
Merrweather Amy dau F M S 22 artist Eng Eng WALES
Merrweather Edith dau F M S 21 teacher Eng Eng WALES
Merrweather C. Alfred son M M S 19 clerk tin store VA Eng WALES
Merrweather B. Mary dau F M S 11 school OH Eng MA
Merrweather G Walter son M M S 9 school OH Eng MA
Merrweather E. George son M M S 7 school OH Eng MA
Merrweather Mildred dau F M S 2  OH Eng MA
Boyle Katie servant F S S 22 servant IRE IRE IRE

1900  Hamilton Cincinnati 31 w. ED 272 Page 277 Dwelling 167 Family 248
Merriweather George N. head M W June 1827 72 M 32  merchant Eng Eng Eng
Merriweather Ellen B. wife F W Dec 1842 57 M 32 5/5  MA MA MA
Merriweather May B. dau F W Feb 1869 31 S   teacher kindergarden OH Eng MA
Merriweather Mildred dau F W Mar 1878 22 S   student OH Eng MA
Merriweather Herbert son M W Jan 1882 18 S   student OH Eng MA
Bewly Anna ? F W May 1852 48 S   school teacher OH Ire OH
Strubbe? Dora servant F W Oct 1870 29 S   servant IN Germ Germ

1910 OH Hamilton Cincinnati 13 w. ED152 Sheet15b Page156 Dwelling 243 Family
Merryweather Allen [Ellen] L. head F W 67 Wd  5/5 own income  MA MA MA
Merryweather Mary B. dau F W 41 S   own income  OH ENG MA
Merryweather Mildred dau F W 32 S   own income  OH ENG MA
Holmes Emma M. servant F W 21 S   servant private family GERM GERM GERM

We would like to know more of
Sgt Charles Merryweather
who was in a Welsh regiment and was killed at the Battle of Queenston (Queenstown) Heights Now Canada on October 13, 1812.

He is mentioned in a plaque found in Brock's Monument. Brock's Monument is an historic site in Queenston, Ontario that commemorates the life and death  of General Sir Isaac Brock who was killed while stopping an American invasion across the Niagara River.
The monument is very similar to Nelson's Column only bigger.

From: (Tod Molesworth) 23 Dec 2001

I am a researcher of the 41st Regiment of  Foot in which Sgt. George, not Charles, Merryweather was a member of. He was Sgt. In the Grenadier Company of the 41st Regiment of Foot, posted at either Chippawa or Ft. George when the Battle of Queenston began. I'm going to the National Archives in London to research more about the soldiers that served
in late January and will let you know what I find.
Tod Molesworth
41st Regiment of Foot researcher
4th great grandson of Drummer William Molesworth
41st Regiment of Foot (1799-1817)
Avoca, MI. USA

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