Notes for visitors to ancestral places.

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All the place names shown against an event has been updated to 1966 spelling and address.
The reason it has not been updated to year 2006 is that after 1970, the mad government of the day decided to alter Not only County boundaries, but done away with some Counties and made new ones ! Not happy with that they allowed and encouraged expanding Towns to swallow villages and hamlets and drop the original names.
The things that did not change is the church and big house names, so arm your self with the following.
The readers Digest AA book of the road 1966 version ( four miles to the inch).
This book was very popular at the time and is often seen in second hand book stalls.
Failing that any map or maps of c 1960-1970 four miles to the inch or better .
In addition you will need a most up to date  map of the country or area you wish to visit, then do the look ups  on the older map and refer to the nearest Town then the newest map can be used to navigate to were you wish to go.
A gazetteer which has every town and village place in Great Britain by traditional counties, and not the local government mess we have been lumbered with since the 1970's. It has the Yorkshire Ridings too.

The Gazetteer of British Place Names can be found at:

Our thanks to Rupert Barnes for this link.

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