William Merryweather, son of William Merryweather and Anna Osborne , was born 1650 in Shepherdswell, Kent, England. He married Sarah Matson April 29, 1686. He died June 09, 1702 in Shepherdswell, Kent, England. Sarah Matson, daughter of James Matson , was born abt. 1652 in Shepherdswell, Kent, England. She died September 04, 1757 in Shepherdswell, Kent, England.

Children of William Merryweather and Sarah Matson are:

1. Richard Merryweather, b. abt. 1687
2. Ann Merryweather, b. abt. 1688 See John Lowndes & Ann Merryweather
3. Sarah Merryweather, b. abt. 1692
4. Mary Merryweather, b. abt. 1691
5. Sarah Merryweather, b. abt. 1693

Notes for William Merryweather:

On the South Transept wall used as an organ chamber on slate:--
In memory of Wm. Merywether, Gent, who died in the Faith and fear of God
on ye 9th day of June 1702 in the 52nd year of his age. He married Sarah,
ye eldest daughter of Mr. James Matson of this parish of Sybertswold. He
had issue by her, one son and four daughters, viz. Richard, Ann and Mary
living, Sarah dead and Sarah now living.
Sibertswold, Kent, England=Shepherdswell
The following is added only because it fits no where else but does not
Near this place also lies the body of Sarah, wife of William Merywether
who died 4 Sep. 1757, aged 73.( b 1684) Barely to say she died, would be
injurious to her memory did ye marble admit of her true character, and to
give an imperfect account of it, would be equally so. Though therefore ye
monument be silent, and speak not ye virtues yt adorned her, jet let no
one fear they so lay concealed since she has left so many living
witnesses of them. Her friends, relatives and acquaintances, all who
loved her. It is all who knew her, will bear testimony to them and ye
poor, ye sick, and ye industrious, as many as any respect, stood in need
of either her counsel, or assistance in ys Place and neighbourhood,
especially will not easily be forgotten.

Notes for Sarah Matson:

Eldest Daughter of James
Merywether impaling argent, on a chevron Azure Three Mullets or between
three Martlets for Matson Orbit. 1709.

Notes for Richard Merryweather:

Also here lieth the body of Richard Merywether, Gent, the only son of the
said Will, Merywether, the last male heir of the family Orbit. 26 Oct.
1720, age 27.
This may be the same Richard that educated Corpus Christi 1711
Matriculated 1711

Notes for Sarah Merryweather:

Notes for Mary Merryweather:

M. M. Orbit. 8 Sept. 1716. age 25.
Men who admired the virtues of the Maid
Complained her death no longer was delayed.
But Angels thought 'twas time she should remove
Who here on earth could live like those above.

Notes for Sarah Merryweather: