Samuel Merryweather, son of John Merryweather and Mary Davis , was born 1794 in pos, Ringwood, Hampshire, England. He married Elizabeth Compton October 11, 1814 in Houndsditch, London, England. He died bef. December, 1874 in Wirrel, Liverpool, England.. Elizabeth Compton, daughter of Thomas Compton and Mary Townsend , was born January 17, 1790 in Whitechapel, London, England. She died aft. October, 1859.

Children of Samuel Merryweather and Elizabeth Compton are:

1. Lavinia Merryweather, b. 1820
2. Louisa Merryweather, b. 1826
3. Compton Merryweather, b. 1823
4. Elizabeth Merryweather, b. 1822
5. Sarah Merryweather, b. 1815
6. Mary Merryweather, b. 1818
7. Emily Merryweather, b. 1819 See Amos Bigland & Emily Merryweather
8. Adelaide Merryweather, b. 1824 See Edwin Bigland & Adelaide Merryweather
9. Annie Merryweather, b. 1828

Notes for Samuel Merryweather:

The Merryweather Surname did not contiue beyond the children of this
source Val
St Cath's Death Ref V8a p717 Dec 1874 WIRRAL Age 84

Notes for Elizabeth Compton:

Notes for Lavinia Merryweather:

Notes for Louisa Merryweather:

Notes for Compton Merryweather:

Died in G Booth St, Spitalfields, London.
St Cath's Death Ref V1c P246 Whitechapel Dec 1859.
Will proved on oath 23 Dec 1859 Value 14000 Pounds, from Effects
Admon Joseph Todhuirer, of 31 Eastcheap, Inings Maker ?. and Chas
Karingson(Tea maker)
Residence at Death 37 Fernchurch St, City of London. Occ Pewterer and
Tiroil Beaker ?

Notes for Elizabeth Merryweather:

Died at Clovelly, 75 Place Road, Tulse Hill Surrey.
St Cath's Death Ref V1d P286 Jan 1908 Lambeth.

Notes for Sarah Merryweather:

Pos St Cath's Death Ref V27 P83 Mar 1838 Montgomery.

Notes for Mary Merryweather:

Notes for Annie Merryweather: