Herbert Sidney Merryweather, son of John William Merryweather and Oncha Arends , was born December 06,1954 in Canan, Aruba. He married Francine Marie Jeanette De Lannoy 1983. Francine Marie Jeanette De Lannoy was born November 18, 1955 in Curacao.

Children of Herbert Sidney Merryweather and Francine Marie Jeanette De Lannoy are:

1. Philip Conrad Merryweather, b. August 18, 1985
2. Herbert Sidney Merryweather, b. May 30, 1984

Notes for Herbert Sidney Merryweather:

Also known as: Herbie

My dad is Herbert Sidney Merryweather born in Canad December 6, 1954 and
mi mom, Francine Marie Jeanette de Lannoy born in Curacao November 18,
1955 and got married to my dad in 1983.
I have a question cause I have something My dad has something my
grandfather and great grandfather and as long as my grandfather can
remember we all have something with our finger, the pinkie on both of our
hands don't strait completely. its funny but they say its a real

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Notes for Philip Conrad Merryweather:

My name is Philip Conrad Merryweather. Aug 18, 1985 born in Aruba . I
have a brother named Herbert Sidney Merryweather. May 30, 1984 also born
in Aruba . I have that same Merryweather sign in my room. its cool that
there is so many Merryweather's. in Aruba there is 5 Male Merryweather.
and 4 female Merryweather that do not cary there Merryweather last name.
there are many things about the Merryweather that I would like to know...
and my great grandma just turned 97. a few days ago.
Source=Philip Conrad Merryweather

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