Herbert Sidney Merryweather was born May 30,1901 in Liverpool, England. He married Eveline Clothilda Henriquez . He died May 14, 1984 in England. Eveline Clothilda Henriquez was born abt. 1910 in pos, Aruba.

Children of Herbert Sidney Merryweather and Eveline Clothilda Henriquez are:

1. John William Merryweather, b. May 30, 1932 See John William Merryweather & Stella ? OR John William Merryweather & Oncha Arends

Notes for Herbert Sidney Merryweather:

My greatgrandfather is from bridgested kent England(Herbert Sidney
Merryweather- born 30 mei,my greatgrandmother(Eveline Clothilda
Merryweather,Henriquez) is still living there she is now 94-95 years old.
My grandfathers name is John William Merryweather I don't know if
he was born in Aruba or in England his birthdate is may 25 1932,I still
have causins living in England!.
My grandfather(John William Merryweather) had once told me a story about
my family were the first to bring a firemancar to England, And i have
heard about that story on the Internet but had never keep on follow
it.That could also be a information that you can search on,if you go to
www.google.com and
write the lastname MERRYWEATHER i am pretty sure that you will find the
of the fireman car that was brought to England!
Source=Sidney Merryweather sidney_merryweather@@hotmail.com July 2006
My grandfather John W. Merryweather was born May 25, 1932, in Aruba. his
father Herbert S. Merryweather was born in Liverpool, England. he came to
Aruba after surviving WWI and in WWII came to Aruba to work as an
administration for a Mexican petroleum company.
My great grandfather was born in Liverpool on the 1901 Mei 30. and died
Mei 14 in 1984 in England. his wish was to see my oldest brother who was
born in 1984 30 Mei the same day he was born and was cold Herbert Sidney
merryweather as well. he Love's kids. and was very happy because he
thought hos gonna see his great grand sun. but died 16 day before.
Source=philip merryweather

Notes for Eveline Clothilda Henriquez: