John Merryweather, son of John De Merryweather , was born abt. 1585 in Warton Potterne, Wiltshire, England. He married Mary ? . He died 2 JAN 1619/20 in Market Lavington, Wiltshire, England. Mary ? was born abt. 1585 in pos, Market Lavington, Wiltshire, England. She died bef. May 22, 1665 in Market Lavington, Wiltshire, England.

Children of John Merryweather and Mary ? are:

1. Grace Ann Merryweather, b. abt. 1617 See Edmund Felkes & Grace Ann Merryweather OR William Shergoll & Grace Ann Merryweather
2. John Merryweather, b. abt. 1611 See John Merryweather & ?
3. Thomas Merryweather, b. abt. 1615
4. Elizabeth Merryweather, b. abt. 1618
5. Christopher Merryweather, b. abt. 1613 See Christopher Merryweather & Genavora ?
6. Francis Merryweather, b. abt. 1612 See Francis Merryweather & Elizabeth ?
7. Unnamed1 Merryweather, b. abt. 1616 See Edmond Filkes & Unnamed1 Merryweather
8. Unnamed2 Merryweather, b. abt. 1614 See Roger Markes & Unnamed2 Merryweather
9. Unnamed3 Merryweather, b. abt. 1615 See John Stileman & Unnamed3 Merryweather

Notes for John Merryweather:

In Market Lavington Church
In the chancel are interred :-
John Merewether, son of John de Merewether of Cheverel Magna, buried there
2nd January 1620
22nd May 1665 and Mary his wife and several of their children, Viz.
26th February 1677 John their eldest son,
26th October Thomas their younger son.
9th February 1653 Grace Ann the wife of 1st. William Shergoll and 2nd
8th March 1672 Jenevera, successively wife of :-
3rd October 1656 Christopher Merewether, de Wotton, John Yerbury of
Trowbridge Gent.
Elizabeth their youngest daughter.
14th November 1688 Elizabeth wife of Francis, ye second son and grand
Children, Viz.
12th March 1693 John the eldest son of Francis.
29th October 1689 Joan his sister, wife of Phillip Planck.
Christopher eldest son of Christopher.
8th August 1663 Ann 2nd Daughter of John Yerbury.
12th December 1679 Mary wife of William Suter.
To whose memory this is dedicated by Francis Merewether. ye only
surviving son ,Ano Salutis 1694 Aetat. Suae 6.

Notes for Mary ?:

Notes for Thomas Merryweather:

Notes for Elizabeth Merryweather: