William Gilbert Rees, son of William Lee Rees , was born April 06,1827 in Haverfordwest, Wales. He married Frances Rebecca Gilbert July 21, 1858 in Worcester, Worcestershire, England. He died October 31, 1898 in Blenheim, England. Frances Rebecca Gilbert was born in November, 1838. She died March 24, 1926.

Children of William Gilbert Rees and Frances Rebecca Gilbert are:

1. Mabel Rees, b. April 14, 1865 See Audley Edward Merryweather & Mabel Rees
2. Ethel Grace Rees, b. December 23, 1863 See Clyde Spencer Hardy Turton & Ethel Grace Rees
3. Cecil Walter Rees, b. April 22, 1862 See Cecil Walter Rees & Annie Margaret Burk
4. Manning Lee Rees, b. January 14, 1861
5. Mary Rose Rees, b. May 14, 1859 See James Wilfred Marsden & Mary Rose Rees
6. Sarah Isobel Rees, b. November 25, 1866
7. Mildred Gertrude Rees, b. February 26, 1869
8. Charles Gilbert Rees, b. February 17, 1870

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