George Merryweather, son of John Merryweather and Ann ? , was born bef. February 15, 1795 in Sedgehill, Wiltshire, England. He married Martha Gray May 19, 1818 in Sedgehill, Wiltshire, England. He died bef. October 08, 1868 in Sedgehill, Wiltshire, England. Martha Gray, daughter of James Grey and Jane ? , was born abt. 1797 in Sedgehill, Wiltshire, England. She died bef. July 24, 1876 in Sedgehill, Wiltshire, England.

Children of George Merryweather and Martha Gray are:

1. Esther Merryweather, b. bef. August 19, 1821 See George Snook & Esther Merryweather
2. Anna Merryweather, b. bef. November 20, 1825
3. George Merryweather, b. bef. May 25, 1834 See George Merryweather & Rachel Smith
4. Lot Merryweather, b. bef. June 13, 1824 See Lot Merryweather & Lucy Andrews
5. Mark Merryweather, b. October 24, 1836 See Mark Merryweather & Sarah Ann Thick
6. Luke Merryweather, b. 1829 See Luke Merryweather & Emma Ann Rodgers
7. Daniel Merryweather, b. bef. January 30, 1820
8. Anna Merryweather, b. bef. May 10, 1828
9. Martha Merryweather, b. bef. January 01, 1837

Notes for George Merryweather:

Also known as: Mathew George Merryweather

Shown as George MERRIWETHER
Christened as George married as George (Nimrod index)
St Cath's Death Ref V5a P143 Dec 1868, age 75. shown as George
Other records show him as Mathew George

Notes for Martha Gray:

Simon Fuller shows Martha's Christening as 26 Feb 1797
Witness to Mar Jos Rogers.
St Cath's Death Ref V5a P133 Sep 1876 Mere, age 79.
A Burial of a Martha Merryweather at Sedgehill 24 July 1876.

Notes for Anna Merryweather:

There is some ? about Anna or Ann, Birth and Christening also if there
was a Sister Anna that had died young.

Notes for Daniel Merryweather:

pos, St Cath's Death Ref V8 P288 Jun 1843 Mere
It is pos, Daniel Married and had a son Daniel
St Cath's Death Ref V5a P144 Sep 1855 Mere

Notes for Anna Merryweather:

Alan Merryweather puts Baptism at 10 May 1828 and Burial 18 Dec 1828
there is another birth date as 4 Jul 1830, this may be yet another sister

Notes for Martha Merryweather: