? Merryweather was born abt. 1825 in pos, Ufton Nervet, Berkshire, England.

Children of ? Merryweather and are:

1. Jane Merryweather, b. bef. June, 1861 See ? & Jane Merryweather
2. William Merryweather, b. bef. December, 1846 See William Merryweather & Ann Duffin
3. Thomas Merryweather, b. bef. December, 1852
4. William Merryweather, b. bef. September, 1854
5. Mary Ann Merryweather, b. bef. December, 1856
6. Hannah Elizabeth Merryweather, b. bef. March, 1859 See ? & Hannah Elizabeth Merryweather

Notes for ? Merryweather:

Note the children shown to ? are not certain, they all turned up in this
area at the same time

Notes for Thomas Merryweather:

St Cath's Birth Ref V2c P286 Dec 1852 Bradfield
St Cath's Death Ref V2c P225 Jun 1855 Bradfield

Notes for William Merryweather:

St Cath's Birth Ref V2c P294 Sep 1854 Bradfield

Notes for Mary Ann Merryweather:

St Cath's Birth Ref V2c P309 Dec 1856 Bradfield