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De Mereworth, Merryweather,
Merryweathers, Meryweter, Meryweather, Merywether, Merriwether, Merreyweather, Merreywether, Merrywether, Mereweather, Merewether, Manyweather, Manyweathers, Manywether, Meriwether, Merriweather, Meriweather, Mireweather, Mirewether, Merriwither, Mirewary.
And all other spelling thereof !
Surname and Genealogy site
It is believed by some that all are related!
Only further research will show if this is true.

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An attempt to document every Merry Person that has been recorded in England, their ancestors and descendants.
The most common spelling in England has been adopted to enable the GED data File/Base to have easy search and checking.
This is no reflection on the other spellings, if the fore names and date's match then you can take it as the same person.
Look in the Notes of each individual to see if there is a record of a different spelling.
For information on the Merry's  or to add anything about The family please contact the Editors.

Jillian Margaret Brownen Nee Merryweather.
And , Husband Trevor Brownen.

Notice The Sad Passing of Gillian the instigator of the family site.

Passing away of Gillian Brownen Nee Merryweather.
On 28th Dec 17 at Torbay Hospital.
Burial at Sharpham Meadow Natural Burial Ground Ashprington, Totnes, Devon, UK, TQ9 7UT
Burial On 17 Jan 18 at 1200 o'clock.
Gathering from 1030 onward at the The South Wing Hall an accessible room annexed to Sharpham House and has a light, peaceful, meditative quality open before and after the burial there will be light refreshments provided.
Wellington boots may be advisable at the burial side if the weather is inclement.
Greatly Missed by Husband, Daughters, Grand children, carers,and friends.
No Flowers please. donations to Salvation Army for their good works.
Trevor Brownen
43 Great Rea Road.
Brixham 858164

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This site is dedicated to the memory of the late REV E A Merryweather. His dedicated work on the history of the Merryweather family is a lesson to all Genealogists , Without the advantage of computer technology he was able to compile a vast collection of facts, that has made the work of future generations that much easier.

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St Catharine's House Ref and 1881 Census
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For a description of this and other Arms of the Merry Clan.

New Nani Michele Mercer has very kindly allowed us to publish  her work on the Merewether line in the USA.

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Dr James W MerryweatherThe Merryweather Society in the USA.
Statistics on a Engine
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If you find yourself  or a relative on this site We will gladly send you a full Genealogy report that you can print out. Just tell us where you fit in we will do the rest!
We have had information from a Procter
descendant  Our Thanks to
This may shed some light on the family pre 1300's this is being worked on!
We still have much to do Please forgives us if we have not yet included your information.
More Photos to follow!

Further documents for the 1300's
Alice De Cerutune.pdf  ref Peter de Merworth
by kind permission  of Alistair Scott-Villiers and Sarah Wilson

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Descendants of John Mereweather Dean of Hereford please look here

To find out about the  Book Title SHARE MY HARVEST by Alan Merryweather
We have studied this book , and we can recommend it.

Beware they are rip off merchants they offer for sale the book
Some Notes on the Family of Merryweather of England and America
We are informed by the Authors Grandson that they have no permission to do so. AND it is incorrect as it was copied via a scanner and transposed incorrectly, we have a copy of the original!  And it is all in the data base available to all members of the family, from us. FREE

Beth Merryweather has emailed us to say there are copy's of the original book available from but how long this will be for we do not know.
Thank you Beth.
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