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For every one Searching Family names It is recommended that you visit The following site as this is the biggest Repository in the World.

I am indebted to my cousin The Late (Died 6 Aug 2001) Mr Alistair Ager for the information from St Catherine's House the fruits of many years of research and something that my health would never allowed me to do. St Catherine's House is the UK's Repository for all Births Deaths and Marriages in the UK since September Quarter 1837. The records on this site will enable many to get COPIES of birth marriage or death certificates of the living or ancestor with the surname BROWNEN..

My many thanks to the following from the USA for there considerable help and advice. They are all wonderful.
Via this site only (Kaylee Nizza Nee Brownen) (Louise S. Hassell) (Barbara (Berry) Lehenbauer)

And the following Folks from Ireland Cormac Brownen, and his
Uncle Leo Brownen, for helping with the Ireland line.

And of course Michael Brownen from Leicestershire, has been wonderfully candid and filled out some real puzzles.

Richard & Alison from Wimbourne, Dorsetshire for their help with PRESTON / DIXON links.

Janet Penn and her brother Tony Bull for there source on the FRAMPTON line

Gary and Geri James from Canada have been splendid, with information on John Brownen that travelled to Ireland and started his own dynasty.

Patricia Brownen   her Uncle
Chris Brownen  And her close cousin  by Marriage
Dora Tinio
They have been most helpful with the Bakersfield, California Brownen's

Pauline Harding Nee Brownen, for help on the lost Surrey Link
Email (Robert & Sylvia Mary Smart)
For help on the Lost Brownen's of the New Forest.

Dora Brownen ,for corrections to her family

Patricia Brownen from Bakersfield, USA for lots of help (Joker Joker)

If I have left any one off this list it is accidental please remind me, It is my wish to acknowledge all contributions. Without you folk I would get no where.
Bless you All, you are all my relatives! However distant. 

The internet is a very important source of information and one should not give up if after the first attempts do not give the required results.
1 there is more information going on the net every Day.
2 The Search Engine you use may not search the same way as another one would.
3 Some times the services you require are hidden in side programs on a web site and would not show up on a general search.
4 Follow the many Links that are suggested and note all URLs that may be of use in the future.
5 Don't be afraid to Email me.

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