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Brownen Family General information

The Brownen family and its tree is interesting and sad.
Some have been rich and lost all,, others have been poor and got rich.
Some have left England never to return, some to start a new way of life in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland maybe elsewhere .
One thing is certain the main line may have been metal craftsmen (this is a story in its self) it will be added when its finished.
Often the offspring have become writers teachers and other skilled persons.
The reason is possibly that from the beginning of English history and maybe before, the only people that could write and do mathematics apart from the clergy and they born into Aristocracy, were  Blacksmiths
From very early times the records of births deaths and marriages were done by the Blacksmith and in fact it is still legal in Scotland for Blacksmiths to officiate at a wedding, this was stopped in England not so long ago.
The blacksmiths of old made all there own tools even smelting there own iron, no other trade or profession could do without the blacksmith for something, the King for his money stamps weapons and armour, the lords for weapons, horse shoes, locks and hinges for his strong box .
All others for knives and all types of farm implements.
And of course the shipbuilder for his nails and fastenings.
There are many bits missing perhaps you can fill in missing peace's.
NEW it is beginning to appear that the Brownen's may have come from Kent and were Peddlers of Strong Drink I.e. Importers Exporters (maybe a polite way of saying smugglers)
We will let you know of any developments.
New even worse it could be Brownen's  came from the New Forest (many poachers)
If you can or you wish to correct something you see please let me know and I will make the changes.
I have the addresses of many of the living Brownen's but will not put the full address On the net .
If you require this information or you do not want it passed on please
Email with some indication of ID and the request will be honoured.

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