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My name is Trevor Frank Brownen, I was born in the New Forest Hampshire, England, just after WW2 on the 6 sep 1946, my father was still in the Royal Navy, the family soon moved to New Milton where my other siblings were born, I attended a local school and was a lazy devil and not until I attended College in 1962 that I bucked up and got down to some real work.
I studied Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and went on to specialise in Electronics, this stood me in good stead when I joined the Royal Air Force, first as a Air Traffic Controller, then to Radio and Radar Technician.
I travelled the world visiting many country's in the Far East, Middle East, Europe,
and later the U S A.
I have never stopped learning at college, and have given lectures and courses as well as teaching Electronics and Computing.
It was not until forced by ill health, while M D for a Electronics Research Company in 1990 that I had to retire from normal life and now use a computer to do the leg work.
I married my Dear Wife in 1969 and have Three Lovely Daughters and four Grandchildren.
It was some thing my Grandfather said to me as a child that   eventually started me into Genealogy when he told me that we had relatives all over the world and showed me stamps from many countries that his father had collected.
It was a long and slow process until the Internet come along, then it took of wonderful!.
Now although I am not very mobile I am able to travel the world, correspond with friends and relatives all from my desk.
To see the area we now live in Devon

My Address is
43 Great Rea Road, Brixham, Devon, England, UK.  TQ5 9SW

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