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As well as the lines that  link there are some that have as yet not been truly linked together your help is needed any information on father mother sister brothers aunts uncles deaths marriages etc.
Also the following will be of great help.
Snippets of information paper cuttings pictures honours and anything else greatly received.

Don't forget changes of address!
This will not be put in full on the web but may be useful for relatives to find you .
It is interesting to note that some families have taken to use the name Brownen as a second or with a least one a first name.
This is a puzzle and anyone that can shed light on how it came about please contact me .
Records of Brownen s in England go back to 1200 AD.
And in the USA to 1733.
But are in bits and are all over the place
There are also records in Christchurch  Priory and other Churches in and around Christchurch Dorset (formerly Hampshire), as well as in Milton Parish Church , Ringwood in Hampshire and other places.
Further research has shown that Brownen's were in evidence in Somerset, Nr Bristol, England. in the 1500's.
There is still much research to be done .
All resources so far indicate that most Brownen s come from the West of England Line.
There was a non related line from Scotland  BRONEN a misspelling that seems to have died out also records from Lincoln London And the Midlands as well as East Anglia further research is being done to tie these together .
If you have any information than can help then please forward it
Many thanks
Trevor F Brownen
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