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Frances Brownen,    Toomebridge, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland.
Leo     Brownen, Mr, Blackrock ,  Cork,               Ireland.
F       Brownen, Mr, Dublin,                          Ireland.
L       Brownen, Ms, Blackrock    Co, Dublin,         Ireland.
M       Brownen, Mr, Blackrock    Co, Dublin,         Ireland.
P       Brownen, Mr, Dublin 3 ,                       Ireland.
P       Brownen, Mr, Portrnarnock Co, Dublin,         Ireland.
Brendan Brownen (Born Patrick Brendan Brownen) Now in Bristol England. informs me that his father John James Brownen came from Ireland. The GEDCOM File for this family is part of the English file for now.
Most of the Irish connection have been found, with the help of Cormac Brownen his Uncle Leo Brownen and Cousin Michael Brother of Brendan there is now a Ireland GED File, this is interwoven with the England file so is available as Ireland or England. 

Suzanne Morgan has asked
Subj: Help with the name O'Brownen
Date: 28/Jan/2000
I am an adopted child who has been reunited with my birthmother.
She was born a Brown.  She told me that my grandfather Charles Brown  born in the 1880-1890 in Kansas or Nebraska.  His fathers name was Riley Brown.  My mother tells me this was O'Brownen and was shortened to Brown when they came from Ireland.  Do you know anything of this?
Suzanne Morgan
If You can help please contact me and Suzanne.

This still applies as there is some lose ends.   
If any one from Ireland can give any information on any Brownen's
Please contact me as I have found at least one line in the USA come from Ireland Thank You

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