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Ged Files and Software

The following information may be of help for any one wishing to see more than is shown on this site or for to help you publish your own site.
GEDCOM or GED files as they are known are Indexed data files containing far more information than can be shown on a web page .
Software to access these file is obtainable from many companies .
Best of all there is a good program available FREE from , a product of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
This program not only allows you to read all the information in GED files but has a very good facility to publish your files to the net. I Recommend it.

Note. Most GED files contain only direct lines of surnames this can be a problem if your research has not as yet fitted all the links together .
I have tried to overcome this with GED files that contain all known information and provided downloads , you will need software to see and search these.
Sadly since starting this site GED files have been misused by Commercial Companies for gain, Loads of money not just cover cost.
So to have copy's of GED Files please Email me, I will return as soon as possible.   

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